About the City Manager


Here’s a little bit of info on your City Manager…

I grew up in Vandalia and served one term on City Council there.  I received my undergraduate degree in business from the University of Cincinnati and my Juris Doctor from the University of Dayton.

I came to the City of Middletown in 2005 as the Assistant Prosecutor.  In 2006, I became the City Prosecutor.  In 2009, I moved upstairs and took over as Director of Community Revitalization.  As Judy Gilleland retired in 2014, I was given the privilege of taking over as your City Manager.


8 thoughts on “About the City Manager

  1. My family is new to Middletown. For 22 1/2 years, we owned a home in West Chester, Ohio. Terrible circumstances led to the loss of our home this year.
    We had always been in the position to contribute to organizations. For the first time, we find ourselves needing the help of these same organizations. I visited the food pantry for the first time as a recipient. I was appalled at the condition of the “fresh” produce. They were in the same condition as food that I would throw out of my refrigerator as being past the point of consumption.
    The egg’s expiration date was over a month old. The fruits and vegetables were past their prime.
    I am grateful to have the resource, but just because people are poor doesn’t mean that they need to eat substandard food. Is there any way that we can improve this?
    I am disabled, and can no longer work. Otherwise, I would not be in this situation.
    Thank you for your time.
    Susan McManus


    • Susan,
      I am going to be out of the office for about the next week. There are several resources in town that should be able to offer you some assistance. If you would contact my office at 425-7836 and give us your contact information, I’ll try to have my staff get you in touch with people who can help.



  2. Mr. Adkins — can you tell me why the colored spotlights that shine on the pillars on 122 off of I-75 aren’t on any longer? I think one set shines (the south pillars) but not the northern side. Been several weeks since both were lighting…… also, who is responsible for the upkeep of the median there on 122? The weeds are overtaking the new plantings and it’s definitely not a pretty welcome to our city. Thanks for your reply.


    • Kitty,

      I’m sorry for the delay in responding. The lights at the highway got struck by lightning a couple weeks ago and we are waiting on replacement controls to start them back up. We received replacement parts that were also non functioning so we hope to get working parts in the next week. I saw what you meant on the weeds in the median and we are going to try to get a crew out this week to weed the new plantings , assuming the weather cooperates.




  3. Mr. Adkins. I am new to this area and have been trying to get someone to help me with a drain pipe that I have found in my backyard. This pipe is not seen on aerial view when I brought the house and the chief engineer tells me that there is nothing he can do. I beg the difference for the pipe is like all other drain pipes it looks like it was placed by the city. The pipe is clogged and causes water to stand on my yard. What can I do?


  4. WHAT UP DOUG:) I’ve lived in this TOWN for 38 years would YOU like to hear some ideas that I have concerning our TOWN. I have no problems with emailing you. But the>> POSTMASTER SEEMS TO BE SENDING THOSE BACK AT TIMES <<Just Sayin…LOL Evidently they don't allow freedom of mail. So I'm thinking I could develop a TARGET PLAN and SEND VIA SNAIL MAIL.. That is unless You can set up some time for an appointment. I CAN BRING DOUGHNUTS!


  5. i am only here to bring to your attention sir that its observe out here on the whole inch sqare grounds of our once beautiful city… Our children have a hard time being kept safe these needles and baggies are not only a bad thing for our kids to find but the pets…They are everywhere and the trash cleanup its more dangerous than u would aspect <<<I am only putting this on your attention because #1i care and to u should as well because we as a community put them in the hands our our young generation…And was not taught the correct method of disposal now that the exchange shut down please contact me i have a crew to do middletowns famous cleanup and get this community beauty back on track 5135253800


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