Welcome to 2019

So 2018 is now part of the history books. Record income tax revenues and strong reductions in crime. New business openings….

“Yeah, Adkins, but what have you done for me lately?”

2019 is the final year of planning. Community Visioning is done. The Downtown Master Plan is done. The updated Zoning/Development Code is done. Middletown Division of Fire has completed a new Strategic Plan.

The Airport Master Plan is underway. The Transportation Master Plan is getting underway as we speak. Later in the year, we’ll start a Parks Master Plan.

All of that will get folded into the first City Master Plan since 2005. This plan is built on the question “what do you want to be” not “what have we done in the past.” It is built to focus us on relevant projects that move the city forward into the future.

I spent a lot of my time in 2018 talking about housing. After meeting with the Housing Committee in early January, I will now start drafting a new Housing Policy for the city to modernize our housing stock, bring families back to Middletown, and if successful, start raising the values of your homes.

We transferred code enforcement down to police for 2019. They will be working with Major Warrick to continue to clean up the city and to work on strict enforcement of our chronic nuisance ordinance. If you are a problem in your neighborhood, we are going to be knocking on your door.

In January, I reviewed the eviction data from Middletown Municipal Court for 2018. Our 10 worst landlords filed a collective 514 evictions in 2018.  Our worst landlord had 184 evictions alone. In 2018, in the City of Middletown and over one year only, we had 2 tenants who were evicted 7 times each, 1 tenant evicted 6 times, 7 tenants who were evicted 5 times, 7 tenants who were evicted 4 times, 22 tenants who were evicted 3 times, and 90 tenants who were evicted twice in the same year. That is simply not screening your tenants for criminal activity and credit worthiness, and we will not continue to put up with poor behaviors by landlords or tenants in our neighborhoods.

We are working hard to build on prior success and to bring this community fully back to prosperity for all of our residents.  Our school district is running hard right along side of us, changing the way education is thought about and taught to our kids.  I’m proud to lead your city, and I hope you are proud to be a Middie.

See you out in the community in 2019.  #ThisIsWe.

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