Housing Meeting May 24th

Our first housing committee meeting was May 24th in City Council chambers. Committee members include:

Doug Adkins                                        City Manager and Facilitator

Steve Bohannon                                  Council Rep

Ami Vitori                                             Council Alternate

Ashley Combs                                     City Planner

Pastor Torri Colts                                  Public member and CARE

Celeste Didlick-Davis                          Public member and CARE

Jason Hightower                                 Local businessman and CARE

Wendy Hunter                                     Residential Realtor at Coldwell Banker Oyer

Marc Dixon                                          Residential Banker at Guardian Savings

Lenny Robinson                                  Local Developer

Walter Leap                                         Local Realtor and Landlord

Dan Fishbaugh                                    Fishbaugh Homes, new construction

Dickey Brandon                                   Local Home Remodeler and Landlord

Wanda Glover                                     Second Ward Community Council

MPD, MFD, and Health Dept               As needed for various issues

You can view the video of this meeting on the Housing web page at Housing-Information  and click on the link at  Housing Policy Meeting May 24, 2018  

I laid out a plan to look at global issues facing our housing stock and then specific issues that we could tackle on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis.  The Global issues include:

Global Issue One – Tax Delinquent Property

Global Issue Two – Vacant Residential Property

Global Issue Three – Vacant Residential Land

Global Issue Four – Property Maintenance Code Compliance

Global Issue Five – Housing Buffer Around Heavy Industry Areas

Global Issue Six – Home Ownership

Global Issue Seven – Rental Housing

Global Issue Eight – Overabundance of Less Competitive Housing

Global Issue Nine –  Healthy Neighborhood Infrastructure

Global Issue Ten – Non-Infrastructure Aspects of a Health Neighborhood

Global Issue Eleven –  Unintended Consequences of Housing Choices – Gentrification

Global Issue Twelve – Selection of a Neighborhood for Revitalization

As we get through these global issues, it should be easier to look at specific neighborhoods and make determinations as to what should be done and where exceptions to the policy need to be reviewed.

My guess is that this is a several months long process with a lot of hard discussions.  That’s ok.  We’re long past due to deal with these issues.  They are very difficult and hopefully we can work as a community to resolve issues that have long kept us from being the best city we can be.

It’s my first priority for the rest of the year…. Wish me luck.

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