Housing Policies

As part of the updated City Master Plan process, the city will be completing a comprehensive review of our housing stock and the policies surrounding housing in 2018.

I spent a lot of 2017 talking about why we need to do better with our housing stock.

According to the Butler County Auditor, from 2011-2015, Middletown housing decreased in overall value by $58,367,350 during a time when most Butler County communities were starting to see improvements after the recession.

It made me ask why…

Below is the 1963 Master Plan map showing deteriorated and dilapidated neighborhoods….

1963 Neighborhoods

It looks a lot like the same neighborhoods we discuss as troubled today. For 55 years we’ve looked at this and said “that’s a problem,” but we weren’t able to resolve the housing disinvestment and neighborhood deterioration in any meaningful way.

I’m going to try to reverse that trend. I don’t want it to get to 75 years and we are still talking about these same problem neighborhoods.

To work on the housing piece of the Master Plan, I put together a housing committee that includes members of City Council, local residents, realtors, bankers, housing rehabbers, landlords, developers, home builders and members of the CARE group that attended City Council meetings on this issue.

We had our first meeting on May 24th and our second meeting on June 14th.  While the group is closed, the public can see everything we are doing and working on.  If you go to https://www.cityofmiddletown.org/486/Housing, you’ll link directly to the page we’ve created for this process.  You can watch taped versions of the meetings, hear the discussions, see the presentations made, the articles referenced… everything. And there is an email for your comments and input.

If you like it, tell us.  Hate it, tell us.  Have a better idea?  PLEASE tell us.  This is your city. Get involved.





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