Community Building Institute update

The Community Building Institute Middletown, Inc. (CBI) is an asset based community development organization created in 2009. Dr. Kelly Cowan, former Dean of Miami University Middletown, partnered with the Community Building Institute out of Xavier University, the United Way of Greater Cincinnati and the Middletown Community Foundation to create Community Building Institute Middletown.

The Community Building Institute stepped up during the recession and kept the Robert “Sonny” Hill Jr. Community Center open by taking over operations at the building.

CBI is passionate to see Middletown transformed one child, one family, one neighborhood at a time. Their stated goals for Middletown are to see children adequately prepared to enter kindergarten, to have students reading on grade level by the third grade, to have youth set up for success post-graduation through college and career preparedness, and for families in poverty to be moved to self-sufficiency.

By helping families at every generational level, CBI has affected the community as a whole through sustainable programs that revitalize the Middletown area.

In 2017, CBI catalogued an impressive array of community support.

The Parent Resource Center at the Community Center gave away over 11,000 diapers to families in need, connected 75 children to early education programs to be better prepared for kindergarten, and met with over 200 parents to teach them the importance of early education programming.

PRIDE Academy served over 125 children in their after school program, with school age children engaging in enrichment activities such as yoga, music, STEM, tutoring in math and reading, all with a hot snack and hot meal.

The Future Center staff met with 95% of seniors at Middletown High School to create post graduation plans and 69 students and their families participated in FAFSA nights where they received support in completing financial aid information for post secondary schooling.

At the Community Center, CBI partnered with the Middletown City School District and the Butler County Educational Service Center to provide a full day early education classroom that currently serves 17 children. Evening program hours were extended to better serve the youth coming to the Center.

I was around when CBI was formed, and I was fortunate enough to celebrate Dr. Cowan’s retirement from the CBI Board this year after years of service to the community.

CBI continues to do great work in the city and I appreciate their dedication, their programming, and their heart for Middletown.



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