City Income Tax Filing Assistance

A reminder that City of Middletown Income taxes are due Tuesday, April 17 this year.  As always, residents can come into the tax office with their W2s and federal schedules and we are happy to complete their City of Middletown tax returns for free. In addition, as the filing deadline approaches, the City will have the following extended hours available to assist residents:

Friday 4/13/18                   8am – 6pm

Saturday 4/14/18             8am – 12pm

Monday 4/16/18              7am– 7pm

Tuesday 4/17/18              7am – 7pm 

Tax forms were NOT sent out by mail this year.  Postcards were sent out instead, and residents can call the Tax Department at 513-425-7862 or email if they need a form.  Generic forms are accepted. 


People sometimes forget to file their city income tax forms when completing their state and federal returns.  Don’t forget us!  Your tax dollars fund everything the city does from public safety to paving, to maintenance at the parks.

The Income Tax Department stands ready to assist you.
Residents can also use the fillable PDF available on the City’s website – print and sign it, and mail it in with your attachments (W2’s, 1040, etc).  The online pdf can be accessed at:




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