City of Middletown Charter Review

About every 10 years, the city performs a review of our City Charter, which lays out the basic structure of the municipal government.  2018 will be a Charter review year, and the information below lays out the basic process and purpose of reviewing the Charter from time to time.

What is the City Charter?

The City Charter is the local equivalent to a state or federal constitution. It defines the relationship between the government and its people. It is the “supreme law” of the City of Middletown. Under the Ohio Constitution, a charter allows a municipality to structure its government as it sees fit. In addition, the City Charter gives Middletown the ability to exercise “home rule” powers by its processes.

What is the purpose of the Charter Review Committee?

Article 1, Section 5 of the City Charter establishes the Charter Review Committee. This group is responsible for reviewing the Charter and recommending to City Council any alterations, revisions, and amendments to this Charter as in its judgment seem advisable. A committee must be formed once every 10 years to review the Charter.

Charter Review Process / Anticipated Schedule

City Council appointed the committee members at the February 20th City Council meeting. The Committee had their first meeting this week. We expect to have two meetings per month through May (or June if necessary). Meetings will be facilitated by Special Counsel, Les Landen. Members of the committee include:

Juan Helvey
John Langhorne
Greg Martin
Lauren Matus
Joseph Newlin
Rick Pearce
Jeff Repper

June 19th          Submit report containing any recommendations to City Council

July 17th           City Council votes on amendments to be placed on the ballot

August 8th        Deadline to file approved amendments with the Board of Elections

If you have any questions about the Charter or the process feel free to contact Les Landen at 727-3673 or by email at

One thought on “City of Middletown Charter Review

  1. I, as a Citizen of Middletown, do not believe our Chiefs for MPD or MFD should be anyone outside of these Departments. Our Chiefs understand our community, they are vested in this city. Only people rising through the ranks of these Departments will understand the citizens. Please, save tax payer dollars and do not bring this issue to vote, only to be voted down.


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