3rd Quarter City Departmental Reports

The third quarter departmental reports are in.   I’ll get them posted to the city web page in the next few days.  In the mean time, it’s always interesting to see how much work gets done throughout the city.  Some of it is visible… some behind the scenes.

For the third quarter of this year, from July through September:

Human Resources welcomed 9 new employees and processed the end of employment for 10 departing employees.

The Health Department screened 87 youth for lead levels, conducted inspections on 161 food service operations, completed 58 swimming pool inspections, investigated 29 animal bites, completed 21 indigent cremations, issued 1118 birth certificates and issued 906 death certificates.

Code enforcement year to date has completed 796 commercial inspections, resolving 300 violations; completed 962 residential inspections, resolving 1529 violations; and completed 5551 nuisance inspections, resolving 3588 violations.

The Law Department for the third quarter reviewed 30 contracts and drafted 25 pieces of legislation for City Council.  The Prosecutor’s Office at the end of September had 10,126 open cases including 862 felonies, 3730 misdemeanors, 307 drunk driving cases, and 5227 traffic cases outstanding.

Our social media presence continues to grow.  Through the end of September, the City Instagram account had 876 followers, the City’s Twitter account was followed by 1047 people, and through the end of September, the City’s Facebook page reached 198,084 people year to date.

Building Inspection year to date has issued permits for 31 new single family homes valued at $4.5 million and 13 new commercial buildings totaling just under $9 million in construction value.

Public Works in the third quarter made repairs to 192 traffic signals, performed 1348 lane miles of street sweeping, made repairs to 87 street signs, treated 1,468 million gallons of wastewater and produced 839 million gallons of potable water (Water Treatment Plant).

Middletown Division of Police has been very active in drug enforcement over the past quarter.  Year to date, total drug related arrests are up substantially over last year and felony drug arrests are up 41% over last year at the same time.  As the drug dealers change their tactics, so do we. Our K9 drug dogs continue to pull drugs off the street every day.

We are continuing to see leveling off of overdoses in the third quarter.  In the third quarter the Middletown Division of Fire ran 2440 EMS calls for service compared to 2467 for the third quarter last year.

The full reports should be online by the end of the week!

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