The Power of Social Media

This blog page has been around for about two years now.  As we have recently seen, the things that go viral are not always what we expect.   Social Media has, for better or for worse, changed how we communicate around the world.

I pulled up the stats on this blog page and was astounded.  Since it’s inception, I have had 60,033 visitors making 119,059 views of my 323 posts.

And it’s not just a local thing.  I’ve had visitors register from Canada, Australia, India, the United Kingdom, Philippines, Spain, Mexico, France, Japan, New Zealand, Columbia, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Pakistan, Sweden, Greece, Taiwan, Ireland, Honduras, South Africa, Puerto Rico, Barbados, Germany, Denmark, South Korea, Austria, Norway, Ecuador, Aruba, Czech Republic, Morocco, Singapore, Malta, Estonia, Trinidad & Tobago, Italy, and Sri lanka.

What an interesting world we live in.

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