City Revenues Year to Date

I try to keep a close eye on what is going on around the state and how we are comparing to other communities in our successes and challenges.   Our revenues are up over a half million dollars year to date through May vs. last year the same period.  If we hold this pace, we’ll have the strongest revenues in the past 20 years.

Ohio made changes to the income tax laws last year and a survey was put out requesting changes in income tax collection from municipalities Jan-May 2017 vs  Jan-May 2016.   It was a volunteer survey and not everyone responded to the request.  That being said, the numbers reported suggest we are doing better than many parts of the state.

Middletown revenues are up 5.8% through the end of May.  Congrats to our friends in Monroe for their strong performance.  Of the communities that chose to respond, here is where some other Ohio cities are year to date:

Municipality May YTD Increase or Decrease
Ashland 2.00%
Cambridge -20.00%
Carrollton 2.84%
Columbus 2.36%
Findlay -7.48%
Grandview Hts 31.10%
Granville -5.10%
Kettering 4.64%
Lincoln Heights Even
Lisbon -6.70%
London -1.00%
Loveland -1.13%
Mariemont -0.28%
Monroe 11.00%
Montgomery -0.20%
New Philadelphia -13.00%
Newark -3.31%
Port Clinton -6.00%
Powell 6.81%
Reynoldsburg -0.93%
Riverside -3.66%
Sharonville 4.67%
Springboro -0.26%
Springfield -1.58%
Springfield -3.26%
St. Bernard -10.00%
Tipp City -1.29%
West Jefferson -6.00%
Westerville 1.84%
Windham -17.50%
Worthington 11.14%

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