Castell Building Update

We are excited to share the following updates that are happening at the Castell Building in Downtown Middletown, located at 1126 Central Avenue. Take a look!

First Floor

2,970 sq feet: “Blast Furnace Pizza” Estimated to be open September/Oct 2017. This space has been empty for 20 years. electric and plumbing work was essential. Currently, dry wall is being installed along with a drive-thru. The restaurant will also have a wine-themed banquet space in the basement (Cellar 7,672 sq feet) that can be a great setting for rehearsal dinners, holiday parties and more. It will be an AK-themed family restaurant with a focus being on being a hang-out for all.

Next Door at 1122 Central Av. (1,175 sq ft) Organic Restaurant: a restaurant with a focus on healthy but tasty dishes. We can’t release the name of the restaurant yet, but it is estimated to open August/September 2017.
2nd and 3rd floor

2nd floor: 7,672 sq feet, 3rd Floor: 7,022 sq feet

Kingswell Seminary: On track to become an accredited Missional Seminary by 2020. Kingswell’s mission and purpose here is to nurture and cultivate missional leaders and community in areas between Cincinnati and Dayton.  Kingswell executes this mission by training leaders through learning communities, then offering these leaders the opportunity to experiment by cultivating missional communities in unchartered contexts (i.e., their neighborhoods, local coffee shops, pubs, community centers, work place, new church plants – you name it – a place in their context).

New Atrium in Rear of Building: 650sq ft

This is previously open to outside. It is now enclosed it and will be opening each floor to a ground floor with balconies to top floor lined with live botanical and cooking herbs free to all downtown restaurants. It will also have park benches and cafe tables for all to enjoy year round.


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