Jobs, Jobs Jobs….

I’ve heard many times that if I would just bring more manufacturing jobs back to Middletown, this blue collar town would rebound just fine.   We are always on the lookout for new opportunities but the problem right this minute isn’t adding jobs, it’s getting existing jobs filled.

The Journal ran a nice article detailing the problem local manufacturers are facing filling existing open positions.

Manufacturers desperate for workers of the future

The Dayton Region Manufacturers Association, which represents 14 local counties, reports that local manufacturers are trying to fill between 3,400 – 4,000 manufacturing jobs each year in the area.  Our Middletown manufacturers are all hiring at this time.  In addition, the last time I talked to Atrium Medical Center, they had an additional 300 open, unfilled positions at the hospital.

Bringing additional jobs here means we all (government, business and the community) are going to have to be very creative in how we bring new people to Middletown to work.  It’s a Middletown, a southwest Ohio and a Statewide shortage of incoming new talent.

The  City is looking at adding new bus routes from neighboring communities to start opening up additional transportation options to bring workers to the City.  Our existing housing policies and housing stock will also play a part in our success or our failure.  People generally want to live close to where they work, and it is critical that we have attractive housing available in all price ranges to make this an attractive community to live, work and play in.

Schools, jobs, and the city are all intertwined.  None can be fully successful without all three functioning well.



6 thoughts on “Jobs, Jobs Jobs….

  1. The problem is these places are not really hiring. They post they are however when it comes to replying to applicants it doesn’t happen. This in turn causes people to believe there are no jobs. What Middletown needs is a liaison that finds all the available jobs figures out who the HR person is and actually get these people hired. It’s not a lack of applicants. It’s a lack of time and resourced that the HR person has to get the applicants in the door to work. Of course pay and workload will come into play a little but not as much as someone may think.


    • I agree. There is still a disconnect in many cases between job seekers, employers, and educational outlets who could train people to handle more of these positions. I think the employers and academic institutions are learning to be more nimble, but it hurts Ohio business and job seekers who have trouble navigating the system.


  2. Give a one time forgiveness on license suspensions and fines that don’t involve accidents. I know many many people who have license suspensions can’t tag a car and can’t get reliable ride to work. They let people off the hook for everything else.


    • Unfortunately, that’s a state law requirement and not a local option. I agree with you. As Prosecutor, I saw so many people lose their license for fairly minor incidents and then they got into the spiral of large reinstatement fees that prohibited them from getting their license back and getting back to work. It would need to be changed at the state level.


  3. Mr. Adkins,

    Who exactly are these manufacturers who are doing all this hiring? I’ve not seen that anywhere. There are not jobs posted by any manufacturer that I can find on any local or national job board. I certainly do not mean to contradict you – and on the ‘forum’ I am one who has called for this city to attract businesses to the city – so that people can have work, rather than a drug habit, a pension for criminal activity and generally wreaking havoc in the community.

    But, I don’t see these jobs. Can you please make it known those places looking for workers? I want to know so I can encourage people to go and apply at those places immediately.



  4. I appreciate your article, however, I was very surprised that you did not include any links or information to back up your statements. If there Are Indeed jobs available in my town, I want to know where. I have seen a temp agency that will immediately send me out of town for a few days with no promise of long term. I need long term, income to provide an average living and benefits to keep my family healthy. Please don’t hesitate to post links or websites of local companies truly needing positions filled. Thank you


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