A Special Military Birthday

We already know that the Middletown Division of Police and Team FasTrax are known around Middletown as pillars in giving back to the community – however, this takes it to a whole new level. Check this out:

Aiden recently celebrated his 7th birthday and requested a special military birthday to honor his dad. A member of a Gold Star Family, Aiden lost his father, Sgt. David Luff, Jr. when he was a baby – he had lost his life in action in Iraq.

The Luff Family got connected to Team FasTrax and visited from Hamilton for Aiden’s special military birthday party. Team FasTrax performed a special jump in his and his father’s honor, and Middletown Division of Police Officers Sgt. Crank, Sgt. Ream and Officer Owens attended to greet Aiden as well.

Special thanks to Team FasTrax members Larry Compton and Dan Paganini for performing the jump.

Check out some photos from this very special day. Happy Birthday, Aiden!

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