Middletown picks top Lakota official as new superintendent

I had the pleasure of being involved in the community side of the interview process for the new Superintendent.   I would like to commend the School Board for making a great choice for your new leader.  Marlon Style’s, Jr. showed poise and spoke with passion about how he would move the Middletown City School District forward.

Every month the President of the Chamber of Commerce and the school Superintendent and I get together for breakfast and discuss what is going on in the school district, the business community and the city and how we are impacting and partnering with each other to get the best outcomes across the board.  Rick Pearce and I look forward to meeting with Marlon to offer our assistance to help him get a running start in Middletown.

You’ve heard the old saying “it takes a village to raise a child.”   It is going to take the entire community working together to continue to rebuild Middletown to prosperity and to get our school district operating at its best level possible.  Marlon and I will need every single one of you actively in the game to make this happen.

To Marlon –  Welcome to Middletown, and I look forward to working with you closely.  You have the full support of the city as you start your tenure here.

To my friend Sam Ison –  Thank you for your service to this community and I wish you the best as you move on to new adventures in Waynesville.

If you missed the Journal article announcing Mr. Styles’ appointment, click on the link below:

Middletown picks top Lakota official as new superintendent

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