Middletown Division of Police to host RITE Training

We’re excited to share that the Middletown Division Police will be hosting and participating in Racial Intelligence Training and Engagement (RITE) training. The training will not only be for Middletown Police, but we’re inviting surrounding police departments to join us in participating as well.

RITE training is said to de-escalate 95% of police calls, using both social intelligence (SI) and emotional intelligence (EI). These skills, when used together, enhance verbal skills and help to build trust and communication between the community and local law enforcement.

This is something that both the Middletown Division of Police and the City of Middletown are passionate about bringing to Middletown. Learning social intelligence, emotional intelligence, trust-building, and resiliency for our officers are all cornerstones of what make MDP successful, and we’re looking to not only improve upon these skills internally with MDP, but we’d love to open our doors to give surrounding police departments to build with us as well.

In case you’re curious…

Emotional Intelligence: being aware of emotions, knowing that emotions drive behavior which impacts others (both good and bad).

Social Intelligence: how we effectively navigate and negotiate all outside relationships and situations.

The RITE training will be in June at the Middletown Police Department. If you are a member of local law enforcement and are interested in participating, please contact MDP or register online: training@riteacademy.com.


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