First Quarter City Reports 2017

I try each quarter to let our residents know what we have been up to as an organization.  I have departmental reports from all city divisions and here is what we’ve been doing in the first quarter of 2017.

The Health Department issued 1,270 Birth Certificates and 1,019 Death Certificates and completed 19 indigent cremations.  They inspected 141 food service operations during the first three months of the year.

The Law Department reviewed 47 contracts and drafted 26 pieces of legislation for City Council meetings.  The prosecutor’s office handled 3,395 cases during the first quarter.

Building continues to be strong in the city.  The Building Inspection Division processed 325 permits during the first quarter representing $47,278,732 in new construction in the city.

Public Works crews removed 19 trees, made repairs to 14 pieces of playground equipment, cleaned 1,750 linear feet of sewer mains, completed 512 miles of street sweeping, treated 1,402 million gallons of wastewater, completed 10 water main repairs, and produced 747 million gallons of drinking water.

Unfortunately, dealing with drug addiction continues to tax our public safety and health resources.   While the Division of Fire responded to fewer fire calls, they responded in the first quarter to 2,457 EMS calls for service, a jump of just over 300 from the same time period last year.  The reason for the jump is pretty clear.  In the first quarter, EMS responded to 205 suspected drug overdoses, more than double the calls from the same time period last year.

MPD has made 244 drug related arrests already this year, a 26.6% increase over the same time period in 2016.   The heroin response team was able to get 112 people into treatment, but as is the case in many Ohio cities, the problem continues to outpace the resources.  MPD has made several changes in tactics this month, and it will be interesting to see if the changes produce better results into the future.

Income tax revenue is up $146,000 over last year through the first quarter.  Almost everything in the city is heading in the right direction.  Some things at a faster pace than others, but mostly good news.

Thanks for reading and thanks for caring about your city.  We care about you!

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