The Salvation Army in Middletown

I had the pleasure of attending the Salvation Army Annual Dinner Celebration last Thursday night where the Middletown Division of Fire was honored with a Community Service Award.


Other awards went to Jan Perander and Barbara Martin as Volunteers of the Year.

SA Volunteers

And to our local Meijer store as Company of the Year.


If you don’t know much about The Salvation Army in Middletown, here is a list of their accomplishments last year alone:

Volunteer Hours Served                                              8,352

Number of People Assisted                                        13,076

Number of Meals Provided                                        24,354

Number of Grocery Orders Provided                        7,537

Children Attending Weekly Life Skill Programs         701

Children Attending Weekly Music Programs            1,107

Number of Shut-Ins Visited                                           1,135

Kid’s Summer Children’s Meals Provided                37,314

Christmas Angel Toys & Clothes Provided                6,820

Thank you Salvation Army for all that you in Middletown!

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