Congratulations, Middletown Small Business Development Center!

We here at the City of Middletown are thrilled to share that our Small Business Development Center (part of the Butler County SBDC) has been nationally chosen as the 2017 Small Business Development Center of the Year with Director David Riggs at the helm in the Middletown office. This means that not only did your local Small Business Development Center earn the title of the best of 27 centers in Ohio, they were selected as the best SBDC of 1,000 centers across the country. Our SBDC was also the first center in Ohio to ever win the national award. That’s a pretty big deal!

The Small Business Development Center serves as a valuable asset to the public: it is open to meeting with anyone who has a viable business idea for Middletown. The SBDC will sit down with you, listen to your business idea, and assist you in stepping in the right direction in making your business idea a reality.

The Middletown Small Business Development Center is located in the City of Middletown Municipal Building on the second floor. It is open during regular business hours; however, our SBDC is a partnership with Hamilton – if you do not make an appointment, there is a chance David will be in Hamilton when you visit our building.

Way to go, SBDC!

Learn more about SBDC below at their web page and Facebook page:

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