Live Streaming of City Council Meetings

Over the past few months, we have replaced the outdated audio and video equipment in City Council chambers to improve the quality of the picture and sound and to upgrade to modern technology. One of those changes included the ability to stream our City Council meetings live on the internet.   We’ve been training and experimenting with that capability over the past couple meetings, and with successful streaming completed, we are ready to go public with the service. 

There are two URL’s that can be used to access the stream., and you can also use the direct link  We will continue to post completed council meetings on our YouTube channel as well.

Watch us on your phone, your tablet or your desktop live!

Have a great week.



2 thoughts on “Live Streaming of City Council Meetings

    • We are having that discussion now. I have to pay overtime to have staff there to run the cameras and stream the meeting. I’ll be asking Council at the March 7 meeting whether they wish to resume that or not. It’s good to have it available, but no one has complained since we quit broadcasting. I don’t have a strong opinion either way.


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