Happy Friday

Well, yesterday was not one of my favorite days as City Manager.  It often seems like when we stick our heads up for something good, there’s someone in the wings hoping to whack a mole us with a mallet and knock us down.   Some days it takes a lot of energy to stay positive.

So… yesterday is over and let’s start again.  The State Auditor’s report was old news and that’s that.  It doesn’t measure where we are and it doesn’t measure the other good things going on in the city.

For instance… today I’d like to end the week warm and fuzzy with a true tip of the hat and show of respect for the Middletown Division of Fire.

The 1st picture below is of Scottie our arson fire dog.  Scottie was close to being euthanized because nobody would take him.  Some of the MPD K-9 guys and MFD Fire Investigators said give him to us, he’ll make a great arson dog.  I believe he is the only arson dog in the area and we look forward to using him this year to assist in solving suspicious fires.


The second picture below is of firefighters in the Dominican Republic showing off their first ever fire gear.  Most of that gear came from Middletown Ohio Fire Department.  Several members of MFD teach with a Cincinnati Firefighter who goes down to South America and trains firefighters.  When some of our guys heard they didn’t have any fire gear, they told the Cincinnati firefighter that we were getting ready to throw away a bunch of fire gear that had expired by NFPA Standards.  We cleared it with the law department and the gear was donated to a fire department in the Dominican Republic.


The Auditor’s report can’t touch that….Great Job MFD.  You make me proud.

Have a great weekend.

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