Community Visioning

The Community Building Institute and Middletown Moving Forward spent a lot of 2016 working on a community visioning project as part of the new City Master Plan process.  I’ve identified what we need as far as revenues to pave our streets, provide adequate public safety and provide quality of life opportunities for our residents.  The visioning process was designed to go beyond the need and to get to the want.   What do we want to be as a city?  What amenities are important?

I’ve discussed the project in general several times, but I still get comments from people who didn’t know about the project or didn’t get a chance to participate.  The final product of the community visioning project should be presented in February to City Council.  That is the beginning, not the end of the discussion.

Here is the community participation opportunities to date.  If you didn’t get a chance to participate, look over the project documents as they get published and feel free to add your comments here.  It’s YOUR city.  What do YOU want?

What If Middletown Community Visioning Process Participation Summary

July 2015 Kick-Off Meeting: 50 participants

Included requests to reach out to stakeholders and online submission form for ideas

Summer 2015 Input Process: 2,500 responses or idea cards

  • “I want in my Middletown” input cards distributed at events including Broad Street Bash, First Fridays, Movies in the Park, Arts Festival, and other community events
  • Online Survey and input cards available

September 2015- February 2016 Community Conversations: 25 conversations (estimated 150 participants)


Community-Wide Meeting February 29, 2016: 40 participants

As we get drafts ready for presentation, I’ll post them here and please comment on what you like and don’t like about the project.  It’s YOUR town.  Speak up!

You can also post comments and ideas on the What If Middletown Facebook page below:

Have a great week!


One thought on “Community Visioning

  1. I and my husband were born and raised in Middletown. We have seen it go from a vibrant downtown and blue ribbon schools to what it is today. I remember going with my parents to a downtown that was busy with groceries and a meat market, bakery and many department stores and restaurants. We had a bus service to take us to town from Oneida where we lived. Most of us and most still are in the lower income levels. Improvements were made that did not survive do to their high cost and design for higher incomes. I want a town that I can walk in and find what I need without having to drive all over. I want a safe place to walk and exercise. The YMCA doesn’t have a women’s whirlpool you have to go to Fairfield for that. I want activities that are affordable for people on limited incomes- struggling families with children too. Most of the people of Middletown are poor but at one time we didn’t feel or looklike it. Gabes and Birlingtons are outlet stores. The Towne Mall for whatever reason hasn’t survived and is depressing. I avoid it. Downtown might revive if the people can afford to buy things there and feel safe. We need a grocery there. The nearest one is Marsh or Krogers down by 73 and the end of S Main. People in West Middletown have to drive 7-10 miles one way to get to one. We have a little roadside place across the river that is reasonable but limited. Make Middletown people friendly for walking and gathering again. Improve our schools and people will move here.


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