Health Department Immunization Project Update

The Ohio Department of Health has immunization requirements for children who attend public school.  Every year it is a challenge for schools to get the scheduled immunizations for some students. 

Before the recession hit, the Director of Nursing/Health Commissioner would go into the schools and provide this service.  When budget cuts forced staff reductions, the Health Department was no longer able to provide this service due to time constraints and money.  

This year, Health Commissioner Jackie Phillips convened a meeting with representatives from Middletown City Schools,  Madison Local Schools, and Primary Health Solutions to develop an immunization project.  On the date of the event 49 children were vaccinated.  41 students received the meningitis vaccine and 8 received other vaccinations.

In the subsequent weeks (up until 9/17/16), the project partners vaccinated a total of 179 kids in the Middletown center for Meningitis. A total of 311 school-age children from Middletown were vaccinated for any vaccines that they needed. 

This project was a great public/private collaboration and truly made an impact on the health of the students in our community.   Hats off to Jackie Phillips and all of the partners in this project!


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