Atrium Medical Center Recognized for Hiring Efforts

It comes as no surprise that Middletown’s Atrium Medical Center has found itself in a positive light within the media to kick off 2017.

Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities has recognized Atrium Medical Center for their outstanding hiring efforts: Atrium has been formally recognized as a Committed to Opportunity Award winner for its leadership and progressiveness in integrating individuals with disabilities into the state’s workforce.

The OOD Opportunity Awards look to honor companies that have gone “above and beyond” in their commitment to serve as statewide examples of what it truly means to provide quality employment opportunities, and to increase independence for individuals with disabilities.

Atrium Medical Center partners with Project SEARCH program, which allows young adults with disabilities to gain work experience in a variety of roles throughout the hospital. The experience they gain then helps them to find internships or permanent job positions after graduation.

“We identify potential job applicants through Project SEARCH. If the hospital has openings, we encourage those individuals to apply because we’ve worked with them, know them, where and how they can potentially fit into our organization,” said Mike Uhl, president of Atrium Medical Center.

OOD is the state agency responsible for assisting individuals with disabilities to gain meaningful employment, to live independently or receive disability benefits through the Social Security Administration (

Congrats to Atrium and we look forward to their continuing success in 2017!


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