Response to Violence

About 02:30 Tuesday morning MPD responded to the Bar Boca bar on Charles Street multiple shots fired. MPD found Thomas Wilkerson age 23, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds at his residence at 214 Charles Street. Thomas was taken to AMC and later flown to MVH and is listed in critical condition.  At 11:50 a.m., MPD special response team executed a search warrant at the shooting suspect’s house and have several people in custody. MPD recovered guns and ammunition.

Chief Muterspaw and I value your safety and security in the community.  There are several things happening simultaneously to ensure that security.  First, the events of yesterday morning, including the deployment of our Special Response Team, were taken to make a strong, immediate response to Monday night’s violence.  We will not tolerate this in our city.

Second, the owner of the bar on Charles Street was brought in to discuss the bar’s operation, steps to take to prevent criminal activity from continuing in the future, and he also was given a lesson on how the Chronic Nuisance Ordinance works if he does not wish to take immediate action.  One way or another, that bar will not be a burden on this neighborhood.  If we have to, we’ll shut it down.  The same can be said for the Third Base bar on Crawford.  If they don’t clean up their establishments, we’ll take action to shut them down.

Third, Chief Muterspaw has reached out to our community partners including local clergy, to discuss how we, as a community, can reach these young men before the violence escalates further.  We will be meeting with several community and religious leaders today at the City building to discuss ways we can collaborate to prevent this violence from happening moving forward.

Finally, I won’t release operational details, but MPD has a plan to address this uptick in violence with a strong ongoing response.

If you see something, report it.  We need everyone working together to make Middletown the best and safest community it can be.  We’re here to serve you and we will gladly accept any help you can give us.  If you have information on a crime, please call 425-7749 or leave a tip on the MPD Facebook page to report it.

I’ll let you know here how we are doing….

Have a great week.




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