3rd Quarter City Reports

I have received the 3rd quarter reports from all city departments.  We’ll have them posted on the City’s web page in the next few days, but here are a few 3rd quarter highlights…

The Law Department reviewed 118 contracts and drafted 81 pieces of legislation for City Council consideration.  The city Prosecutor’s Office has 5879 pending cases in Middletown Municipal Court including 427 felonies, 2317 misdemeanors, 278 OVI (drunk driving) cases, and 2857 traffic cases.   The Victim’s Advocate office assisted 2405 victims year to date.

The Health Department processed 1927 requests for birth and death certificates. 81 children were screened for lead.  There were 34 deaths in the third quarter including 6 from heroin overdose, 1 from Fentanyl overdose, 15 from multiple drug overdose, 6 from falls, 1 from a motor vehicle accident, 4 suicides and 1 homicide.  There were 10 new reported cases of Hepatitis B and 39 new cases of Hepatitis C for the quarter.

At the Middletown Division of Police, there are 8 complaints filed against the department year to date, versus 18 for the same period one year ago.   Part 1 crimes are still down, but the numbers are narrowing, 2547 crimes in 2015 vs. 2537 year to date in 2016.  The largest spike in crimes is associated with domestic violence, with 50 more cases this year than last year.   Year to date, we have 503 drug arrests vs 383 year to date in 2015.

The Middletown Division of Fire, which was running about even this year to last year, now is showing increases in all types of runs.  Third quarter numbers show increases in both calls for Fire service 572 vs. 506 in 2015, and EMS calls for service 2467 vs. 2162 in 2015.

Code enforcement Year to Date:

We have completed 483 commercial code enforcement inspections, resolving 262 voluntarily and 91 contractually to date.  We have completed 1226 residential code enforcement inspections, resolving 847 voluntarily and 574 contractually to date.  We have completed 5212 nuisance inspections, resolving 1336 voluntarily and 2515 contractually.

In public works year to date, we have repaired 405 traffic signals, removed 166 trees, cleaned 42,138 lineal feet of sewer lines, completed 3,643 lane miles of street sweeping, repaired 148 street signs, completed 40 water main repairs, and produced 2,357 million gallons of water.

We’re busy at work trying to improve your city and make your daily life better!


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