Manufacturing Day 2016

We here in Middletown are proud of our bright manufacturing past and are eager to see our strengths in manufacturing lead us into our brighter future. However, the future relies largely on the future generations.

Recently, Metal Coaters Middletown (2400 Yankee) hosted our town’s Manufacturing Day 2016. Manufacturing Day is held nationally – it is a day in which our young, future workforce has the opportunity to visit manufacturing sites in their areas to learn more about the industry and what it takes to work at such locations. At Metal Coaters Middletown, Middletown Christian and Edgewood Middle School students had the chance to hear Chairman of the Board and CEO of NCI Building Systems, Norman Chambers; Congressman Warren Davidson; and Vice Mayor of Middletown Dr. Dora Bronston (among others) speak. The students then had a chance to ask questions and tour the facility as well – however, they may have been the most excited for the Skyline Chili that was provided for lunch.

We are proud to have the opportunity and ability to host such events for our young students here in Middletown. Thanks to all of those who participated and helped to make it such a great day for the students!


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