Community Center Updates

I had the pleasure of stopping by the Robert “Sonny” Hill Community Center this week for an update.

The after school PRIDE Academy program is now serving 65 children from 3:45-6:30 for students in grades K-5.  

Since receiving s grant from MFC, the Community Center has hired personnel to facilitate the following additional teen & evening programs:

Monday: volleyball

Tuesday: adult volleyball

Wednesday: teen programming including the Acts program in partnership with Butler County Juvenile Courts 

Thursday: Open

Friday: Open (teen programming

In addition, they’ve recently expanded Parent Resource Center programming with additional hours on Wednesdays with an ESL advocate & additional playgroups provided by 4C for Children.  

They are also expanding our programming to offer CDA certification for childcare professionals. 

  The Center now employees 21 staff members with operating hours from 9am to 9pm (and Friday as late as 11pm depending on programming). 

The doors are always open to the public, except during 3:45-6:30 when doors are locked due to childcare safety & ODJFS regulations.  

 For additional information on hours and program offerings, see the Community Building Institute at the link below or on their Facebook Page.  Good stuff for the youth of our community.   Keep up the great work CBI!

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