Welcome, FigLeaf Brewing Company!

On Thursday, we were proud to celebrate the ribbon cutting for Middletown’s newest brewery, Figleaf Brewing Company. Located at 3387 Cincinnati-Dayton Road, FigLeaf is looking to bridge the opening in local breweries between Cincinnati and Dayton with a wide selection of craft beers.

The team of Andy Allgeyer, Brian Yavorsky, Jeff Fortney and Tasha Brown joined together to create the all-new brewery, choosing Middletown to not only have the opportunity to hit tourist crowds from Cincinnati and Dayton, but to also cater to the large Middletown population as well.

FigLeaf will officially open to the public on Saturday, October 8 at noon. While this is just the first step in their journey, FigLeaf staffers say that they are hopeful that one day Middletown can host their own festival to the likes of Cincinnati and Dayton.

Check out the photos from their ribbon cutting that took place on Thursday, 10/6. It’s a great facility (with merchandise available!), and the crew can’t wait to meet you on Saturday.


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