Influential Middletown Women

Each year, the Dayton Business Journal compiles a list of the “Power 50:” Dayton’s most influential women. These ladies are in positions of President, CEO, high-level executives, elected officials, and more; no matter what they do, they’re always making a difference in the Dayton-metropolitan community.

We’re thrilled to see two Middletown names featured on the 2016 list. Congratulations to Carol Turner, President and CEO of Atrium Medical Center; and to Karen Halsey, President of Better Built Construction Services, Inc.!

Karen Halsey’s Better Built Construction Services, Inc. has many notable clients, including VA Hospital and The US Army Corp of Engineers. BBCS was also one of two construction partnerships who recently were awarded the opportunity to bid for up to $100 million in work at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Halsey studied at Miami University, and her business can be found at 1240 Central Ave.  She is active throughout Middletown.

Carol Turner, as President and CEO of Atrium Medical Center, is the leader of one of our region’s best and largest hospital systems, which boasted a revenue of $203 million in 2014. Turner was previously the COO of Atrium Medical Center and stepped into the role of President and CEO in 2011. She has her bachelor’s from the University of Dayton and her master’s degree in health administration from Central Michigan University. You can see Carol out in the Middletown community as she participates on the boards of the American Red Cross, the Middletown Lyric Theater, Lebanon Otterbein, and Coffman YMCA.

You can view the full list here:



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