Crime Prevention

MPD has been working with our landlords for over two years on issues that affect both their profits and our housing values and crime levels.

We now partner with the landlord association to provide access to low cost criminal/financial background checks on prospective tenants.  The easiest way to avoid future crime and neighborhood damage is to rent to good quality tenants.  It’s good for them, it’s good for the city and more landlords are starting to thoroughly screen their prospective tenants before leasing.

The landlord association worked with us to enact the Chronic Nuisance Ordinance.  One of the major obstacles to a rental registration program was that the registration program would punish all landlords for the actions of a few bad apples.  The Chronic Nuisance Ordinance punishes the property that has two drug incidents or three nuisance activities during any six month period, thereby only going after the chronic offenders and not all property owners.  It is narrowly designed to go after the bad apples only.

MPD has been out in the community building their relationship with neighborhoods and with our residents.  From the Community Dialogues to Coffee with a Cop to ongoing meetings with our local pastors, MPD is out listening and learning how to better serve the community.

MPD has activated a Community Oriented Policing Task Force.  This group of dedicated officers takes complaints, maps crime, and responds to whatever hot spots are bothering the city at any given time.  If crime flares up in your neighborhood, their job is to knock it back down again and chase it wherever it goes next.

In July, the city fired up a Heroin Response Team, made up of a police officer, a paramedic and a social worker to reach out to heroin addicts that come into contact with the city and to try to move them to treatment and away from addiction and ongoing criminal activity.  This approach has had good success in Colerain over time and our program is based on what is showing results there.

At the Tuesday City Council meeting, City Council approved funding to purchase a 5th K-9 for use by the Division of Police in stopping drugs from coming into the city.

I just received the crime reports for year to date through the end of August.  Part 1 serious crimes are down 5.9% year to date from last year.  Theft related offenses are down 6% year to date from last year.  Drug arrests are up 55% from last year.  Things appear to be slowly turning in the right direction.

The newest joint effort to reduce crime is the use of Smart Water by the landlord association in partnership with the City.  Smart Water can be applied to Air Conditioners or other products.  If the item is later stolen, a black light will show the Smart Water application, and a simple chemical test can determine where the item was stolen from.  The landlords are starting this process this month and the City is supplying the lighting to area businesses that might come into contact with stolen merchandise.  As you come into town, you may see the following signs announcing that we are working on this initiative together.


Info on Smart Water can be found on the link below:

It’s one more way we are working to stem crime and make your city a better place to live.

Have a great day!


3 thoughts on “Crime Prevention

    • The Municipal Court has been running a Vivitrol program for heroin addicts for over a year. They have seen good success with defendants who are ready to give up their addiction. In a few other cases, the addict switched over from heroin to meth or some other substitute drug. Judge Wall has been leading municipal courts in Ohio in this area.


  1. Every street from South Park to Douglas Park area has at least two or three drugs dealers dealing drugs in the open. Switching from heroin to a substitute is only putting a bandage on a serious problem. Meth is already in the Middle School. When are dealers going to get stiffer sentences and not a slap on the wrist?


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