I’m asking the residents of Middletown to drive through downtown this Friday evening….

I’ve heard it all before.  “I’m not into arts… I don’t care about live music”  On and on.  And that may well be how you genuinely feel.  They may not at all be your thing.  I’m not here to judge you on your tastes or likes.   You like what you like.

If you haven’t been downtown in the past three years, however,  you simply haven’t been to your downtown.  There are over a dozen new businesses open with another dozen scheduled to be open before the end of the year.

Here’s my challenge to you.  Drive through downtown this Friday evening for 10 minutes and see what is going on.  If you don’t like dogs and you don’t like art and you don’t like food trucks and you don’t like live music, you won’t stay long and that is fine, but take the time to drive down Central Avenue downtown this Friday night and see what your city has going on.   A lot of your neighbors and other residents ARE coming out on a regular basis.   It’s good for your city even if it’s not something that you’d regularly participate in.

Here’s what you’ll see Friday night.

Pendleton Arts Center will be open for First Friday from 5:00-9:00 pm, showcasing area artists and their creations.  You can find out more about First Friday at http://www.pendletonartcenter.com/middletown_oh.html

If you like food trucks, One Bistro Middletown is now One Market & Eatery and they are debuting at their PERMANENT building location  next to the Studio Theatre on Central Avenue. Once completed, they will have a Food Truck Corral, sit-down dining, a produce market, business incubators, and much more. Friday, it will be the food truck and a band and #freehugs, and, and, and, and……the future. If you have eaten with them as One Bistro and loved the food or the mission, please SHARE!

Dog Days Downtown is back for the September First Friday! | 5:00pm

After much success (and a lot of furry friends!) at last year’s event, Dog Days Downtown is coming back to Downtown Middletown. Bring your dog out to Downtown for dog baths, toys, treats, and much more.

There will be locations open at which adoptions of cats & dogs will be available. Local shelters will be on-site.


Every Friday and Saturday night, we close Broad Street at Central to have live music. This Friday, Gee Your Band Smells Terrific is Takin’ It to the Streets! Gee, Your Band Smells Terrific is Cincinnati’s only and premier 70s showcase band!  They take the stage at 8 p.m and play about a 3 hour show from disco, to pop, to classic rock.

Check them out at their website:   http://http://www.geeyourband.com/



Please take the few minutes to drive downtown and see what the fuss is about.  You may not want to stay, but at least you’ll know what is going on in your city.  It’s busy and it’s loud and it’s fun….


2 thoughts on “I’m asking the residents of Middletown to drive through downtown this Friday evening….

  1. I went to the Craft Beer Walk last weekend & was so surprised to see so many great new shops & eateries! Please take the drive (even better if you would stop!) & see for yourself. As a Middletown native, I can only hope the area will just get bigger & brighter!


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