River Bike Trail Google Trekker Program

As you may know, Middletown lies within the Great Miami River Trail that runs throughout our region.  As a City, we participate in all projects and efforts made to benefit the Trail, the region, and Middletown.

Five Rivers Metroparks in Dayton has partnered with the Outdoor Adventure Corporation to participate in the Google Trekker Program. The Google Trekker program is a program in which 4’-wide utility carts with Google Trekker 360-degree cameras attached will be sent out throughout the region’s metro parks in order to make a complete, comprehensive, and useful online mapping system for all who wish to use the Great Miami River Trail.


This will help people who are coming to enjoy recreation along the Great Miami River Trail to plan their trips for safety, and having the accurate and new imagery will help us to showcase the unique paved trail network that we have throughout the region.

Keep an eye out for the utility carts as you are enjoying the bikeways in Middletown, as the program will take a couple of months to complete throughout the region. All license plate numbers and faces that are captured in the Google Trekker panoramic shots will be blurred out.

If you have any further questions regarding this project, please contact Five Rivers Metroparks at (937) 274-3144.


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