Code Enforcement and Police Year to Date Reports

I told you as we received the remaining reports from MPD, I’d add them in this separate look at crime and code enforcement through June 30, 2016.

Middletown Division of Police continues to get the job done.  In addition to all of their community outreach, they are cracking down on crime throughout the city.  Year to date, Part 1 serious crimes are down another 5% over the same period last year (1,649 last year vs. 1,566 this year.)  Thefts are down 7.4% over the same period last year (1,173 last year vs. 1,086 this year).   Drug related arrests are up almost 60% year to date (359 ytd vs. 223 last year).

Year to Date in Code Enforcement, the department has completed:

  • 272 Commercial/Zoning Inspections – 137 Were Resolved Voluntarily,

Another 49 Were Resolved with Abatement

  • 772 Residential Housing Inspections – 438 Were Resolved Voluntarily,

Another 357 Were Resolved with Abatement

  • 2907 Nuisance Inspections, 677 Were Resolved Voluntarily,

Another 1,461 Were Resolved with Abatement


Our city staff is working every day to make the city safer and cleaner.  We hope you notice the difference!

Have a great day.

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