Tax Scam in Butler County….

Middletown Residents:

Please see the warning below regarding a tax scam occurring in Butler and Hamilton counties.  Be careful!

The information on this scam is typed below, or you can click on the following attachment provided to the City by Clark, Schaeffer, Hackett:

Tax Commissioner Joe Testa recently issued a public warning to individual and business taxpayers in Ohio about an apparent tax scam that has surfaced in southwestern Ohio.

Residents and businesses in Butler and Hamilton counties have been receiving a postcard through the mail sent by what is called the “State Tax Commission” offering to settle delinquent tax debts for a small fraction of the amount owed.

The postcard appears to imply that a “one time offer” is available to recipients from an official-sounding tax entity that claims it has the authority to offer tax settlements.

Tax Commissioner Testa warns that the Ohio Department of Taxation is not involved with the entity sending these postcards and has not made any of the tax settlement offers mentioned.

Tax Commissioner Testa urges anyone receiving these mailings to visit the following Federal Trade Commission link for more information on tax relief companies.

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