Group Work Camps

Group Work Camps has been alternating back and forth between Hamilton and Middletown for several years now, assisting lower income homeowners make needed code enforcement repairs at no cost to the homeowner.

Group Works Camps is sponsored by SELF  in Butler County.  Although this is a Hamilton focused year, the Group Work Camp team was in Middletown recently completing needed repairs on seven Middletown homes.

I’d like to thank John Post, the entire SELF crew,  Group Work Camps and the kids actually performing the repairs for their selfless work in Butler County, and specifically Middletown this past week.

Fixing up the city goes all the way down to making repairs one house at a time.  These great folks took another seven homes off the list and helped homeowners who were unable to complete their own repairs.

Nicely done.

One thought on “Group Work Camps

  1. I have to tell you I have a different opinion of John Post. My mom was one of the people they helped last summer and as part of the work they removed the storm windows. And left them out in her backyard. Before they came back to reinstall them someone stole them. At first John was very helpful and said if mom would contribute half the money they would pay the other half and buy the storm windows and put them in. Then suddenly he stopped returning my phone calls. So here we are a year later and mom still doesn’t have storm windows. She frets about it and is trying to save money to buy them. She’s 87 and has a very limited income.


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