Pink Flamingos Invade Middletown

So yesterday the Middletown Division of Police was out serving the public when they found themselves “Flocked” by the Fourth Grade Middletown Youth Football Team.

From the MPD Facebook Page….

WE GOT FLOCKED! You got us 4th Grade Middletown Youth Football Team but we’ve had our flock rounded up and sent onward to Middletown’s finest firefighters *snicker snicker*


Apparently, from the Police circle, they migrated to some poor, defenseless, unsuspecting firefighter…

And low and behold, when I woke up this morning, they had migrated again to the City Manager’s house…


The Flamingos are part of a fundraiser for the youth football team.

For a mere $10 donation, “A trained technician will remove and relocate the flock to a friend of your choice within Middletown, Ohio.”

Seems like money well spent to me. So where to send them next…. so many mischievous choices….



6 thoughts on “Pink Flamingos Invade Middletown

  1. A few A years back a young man in Middletown who had a janitorial business He put out pink flamingos all over town. I don’t remember his name.He put a few at our donut shop. (Milton’s)


  2. We get home tonight and behold our front yard is full of pink flamingos!! What a fun surprise! Now, who is next?


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