July 2nd Recap

I’d like to extend my personal thanks to so many people for a really nice Independence Day celebration at Smith Park.

I’ll start with the Broad Street Bash crew, specifically Adriane, Tim, Jim and Ashley.  Absolutely fantastic job organizing the Bash side including music and vendors.  Simply outstanding work.

Thanks to Go Fish bait shop for our first fishing derby in years.  248 kids cast their poles into Smith Park lake, crossed lines, dropped worms and had their parents and grandparents running all over the area keeping the fishing going.  It was a great event.

Thanks to Lester’s Rock N Roll shop for the skateboarding demonstration.

Thanks to  Sgt. Warrick, Offs. Morgan, Caito and Gibson for the K-9 demonstration.

Thanks to Team Fastrax for the skydiving demonstration.

Thanks to all of our sponsors who contributed what they could for the betterment of your community. They include:

Ohio Eagle

Premier Health

I-75 Pierson Automotive

Cummings Taxi and Shuttle Service

Middletown Community Foundation

Magellan Aerospace

Middletown Ford

American Savings Bank

Sandy’s Towing                                             

Thank you.  You are what makes Middletown special.

To Greg Pratt who worked to fund raise for the event.  Classy, top notch work as always from a good friend.

Internally, the list of city staff contributions is almost endless.  If I forget you here, know that I am proud to have you on my staff.  Thanks to public works for cleaning and setting up Smith Park for the event.  The Park was in top shape.  Great work.  Thanks to public safety, both fire and police, for a job well done.  We had a paramedic crew on a gator and police bike patrols.  I’m proud to say, we needed neither.  We had no injuries requiring transport and no fights or arrests during the day.  Tom Hueit, thanks for making sure no one electrocuted themselves and for making sure that when the switches were flipped, the equipment turned on.  Thanks to Kyle Fuchs and Community Revitalization for providing the transit buses that shuttled people to and from the event.  Thanks to my administrative staff for keeping everything in order.

We had an even larger crowd this year than last year and we met today to debrief on the event and start planning for 2017.  I hope the public enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed putting it on.

Middletown is a great place to live.


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