Police K-9’s Recognized

In the June issue of Canine Courier, put out by the United State Police Canine Association, Inc., two of our officers were recognized for their outstanding police work with their K-9 partners.

Officer Marco Caito and his canine Aki were recognized for their exemplary work on the February 29 active shooter response at Madison High School.  From the article:

“[The] subject had fled from the building toward a wooded area. … Officer Caito with his partner canine Aki quickly arrived and began a track from where the weapon was located with a cover team.  it was unknown at this time if suspect had additional weapons.  … Canine Aki immediately began tracking in a South East direction through a wooded area, as they approached an area with thick underbrush, the suspect came out with his hands up and surrendered to the cover team with Office Caito and canine Aki.  … The length of the track was approximately 250 yards, [and] due to the canine quick response, the subject was apprehended and no further incident occurred.”


Officer Ryan Morgan and his canine Chase were recognized for their work on November 20, 2015, on an armed robbery.  Officers responded to the area of Charles and Reinartz to assist in an armed robbery.  From the article:

“As officers arrived on scene, at approximately 0029 hours [12:29 a.m.], we received a second call at 1803 Columbia Avenue in reference to another robbery that had just occurred with the same [suspect] description.  on 11/18/2015 we also had a robbery in the same area with similar descriptions. … At this time, officer Morgan deployed his K9 partner Chase, to attempt a track of the suspects.  …  Chase then tracked to the front [of a nearby residence], with officers making contact with subjects inside.  We immediately identified two subjects … who matched the description given from the robberies.  With the successful track both subjects were charged with three counts of armed robbery and one hand gun was recovered.  This assisted us with solving three robbery cases that had occurred during a three day period and most likely would have continued if Officer Morgan and his canine partner Chase had not been successful.”


Congratulations to both officers for being recognized and for their ongoing exemplary work keeping Middletown safe.  As you are aware, we have expanded our canine force to four dogs to further attack drug activity and to work cases like these on an ongoing basis.

I’m proud of all of our first responders and the work they do every day.  If you are out and about and see one of our police or fire personnel, take a couple minutes to say hi and thank you.  They would greatly appreciate it.

The Journal also recognized the Middletown K-9’s over the past 50 years.  Their article can be read at the link below.

Midletown Police Celebrate K9-Program’s 50th-anniversary

Have a great week!


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