Middletown Best Place to Start a Business According to Study

Middletown ranks the highest in the Butler-Warren counties area on a list of the best small-sized cities to start a business in the United States, according to a study by WalletHub.

SOURCE: https://wallethub.com/edu/best-small-cities-to-start-a-business/20180/#main-findings

Overall Rank City Total Score Business Environment Rank Access to Resources Rank Business Costs Rank
330 Middletown, OH 38.1 466 1003 236
394 Fairfield, OH 37.5 578 726 340
556 Mason, OH 36.19 720 226 659
743 Hamilton, OH 34.8 1076 1088 223

Middletown ranked 330th, just higher than Fairfield (394), which was above Mason (556) and Hamilton (743) in rank out of 1,268 small-sized cities in the business-friendly study.

To find the best small cities in which to start a business, WalletHub’s analysts compared 1,268 cities across three key dimensions: Business Environment, Access to Resources and Business Costs. All the cities ranked have a population below 100,000.

The study said city size matters when choosing a launching pad for a startup. Depending on an entrepreneur’s type of business and personal preferences, a city with a smaller population can be a better option, the study found.

Also ranked on the list were Huber Heights (572), Troy (589), Kettering (830), Riverside (939), Xenia (970), Beavercreek (1,054) and Fairborn (1,058).

We’re working hard at being more business friendly and we’ll gladly take the positive press while we continue to make Middletown’s future brighter.

The Journal News story covering this study is below:


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