Our 4th K9 Officer Arrives

We are excited to announce the arrival of our newest K9, Bear! He is an 18 month old Czechoslovakian shepherd. Bear’s handler is Officer Tony Gibson.

The City of Middletown would like to give a huge THANKS to Start Skydiving and Team Fastrax for flying our officers down to North Carolina yesterday to pick up our newest drug dog!  Also, a huge thanks to the Middletown FOPA and the Ben Roethlisberger Foundation for donating funds for our new K9.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

Bear and Officer Gibson will start a twelve week training regimen soon and will then be patrolling the streets with our other K9 Officers, Aki, Chase and drug dog Odin to help combat the heroin problem in Middletown and make our town a safer place to live!

2016 marks the 50th anniversary  of K9 officers in Middletown.  Over the years, our K9s and their handlers have been national competition winners and our K9 police officers have gone on to become uspca national judges and even president of uspca.

We’ve talked about the social side of heroin and the Heroin Summits and plans to get addicts into treatment.  While we can’t arrest our way out of the heroin epidemic, we can use all of our resources to find and intervene with addicts and to capture and remove those who would bring heroin into the city.  By adding Bear, we go to 4 drug dogs patrolling the city, the most ever handled by the Middletown Division of Police.

Welcome to Middletown K9 Bear!

One thought on “Our 4th K9 Officer Arrives

  1. Congratulations MPD!!! Bear and Officer Gibson make a great looking team! I’m happy that the City is acquiring the assets needed to help with this serious drug problem in our area.


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