Cleaning Up Middletown

I’ve stated in previous posts that how we look matters.  The city only improves when all things get better for all of our citizens.  The trash and debris around our city has gotten worse over the winter months.  It’s time to get back to work on cleaning the city up.

The city will be implementing two programs this spring to clean things up city-wide.

At the last City Council meeting, I had a first reading on legislation to reactivate our prisoner trustee clean up crew.  This crew will include non-violent prisoners from the Middletown jail and they will be assigned to various clean up details three days a week, four hours per day.

I will be bringing to Council in April a request to fund the Transform Middletown concept for the summer.  If you haven’t read the prior blog post, this seasonal crew will be dedicated to finding and correcting details throughout the city.  If it’s bent, straighten it. If it’s faded, replace it.  If it’s broken, fix it or replace it.  If it’s dirty, clean it.  If it’s trash, pick it up. If it needs painted, paint it.  East to west. North to south.  As we get areas cleaned up along the main roads, we will move into parks, alleys and neighborhoods and keep working until fall.

Both of these pilot programs will be evaluated at the end of the season.  If they are effective, we will build them into the 2017 budget and look for additional ways to clean up for next year.

We will try to do our part. There are several ways you can help.

The grass is growing again.  Under the city ordinance, you cannot let your grass get more than six inches high or you’ll likely have one of my inspectors tapping on your door. Please keep your grass cut!  We all get busy from time to time… We are looking for the chronic abuser who brings down the look of the whole neighborhood.

Under the city ordinances, your trash cannot be placed out at the curb more than a day before pick up and you must bring in your trash receptacles after they are emptied. Please keep this in mind.  If you are going to be gone, see if a neighbor can help set your trash cans back away from the curb.

We will have police task forces out enforcing the junk motor vehicle ordinance this spring.  Your automobile must be operable and properly registered to remain in the city.  Please make sure you’ve taken care of this so we don’t tag and eventually tow your car away.

I’ve armed Community Revitalization with an additional $100,000 in abatement funds this year to start taking care of chronic housing issues.  We are happy to work with you on timing of repairs and we have discounts set up with many local merchants, but if we are going to clean up our neighborhoods, then we have to do just that.  I can’t make you clean up and then let your neighbor continue to be a nuisance.  We are all in this together.

This is not about punishment.  I’d prefer never to cite someone to court or to abate their nuisance. It’s about having pride in our city and our neighborhoods.  How we look matters. Whether you live in a mansion or a small house or an apartment.  I want you all to take pride in where you live.  If you need help, contact us. We work with several churches and non-profits who may be able to help you get back into compliance. We will find you help if we can.

Work with me this spring to clean up your corner of the world.  Every piece of trash picked up helps.

Have a great week .

2 thoughts on “Cleaning Up Middletown

  1. Now that grass cutting season is upon us, can something be done about the grass clippings & other debris that is blown on the sidewalks & the streets?
    I sometimes think Roosevelt Blvd. has been repaved with green asphalt the way it looks after the median has been mowed.
    Even nice neighborhoods with beautiful well kept homes and manicured lawns are down graded by trash filled streets.
    Thank you


    • Ray,

      We contract to have Roosevelt and the other medians mowed. I’ll forward your comments on to the Public Works Dept to discuss with our mowing contractor. That is not supposed to happen. On a specific case by case basis, feel free to email me if you see it happening and I’ll try to get a crew out to make our contractors clean up. You can always email me at Thanks for taking the time to comment.


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