Special Events Permit Process

As the warm months in Middletown approach, everyone is excited to get outside. One of Middletown’s many endearing qualities is that we offer a wide variety of parks for the public to enjoy with their friends and family.

Many individuals, groups, teams, etc. host events in the parks every year, and we love to see our parks used for positive events that bring the community and the region together.

If you wish to host an official event in one of Middletown’s parks, you may need a special events permit from our Public Works Department. These permits are easy to access and are equally easy to file with the City.

Below is a list of activities that require a special events permit in Middletown:

  • Festivals at one of Middletown’s parks
  • 5K runs and walks
  • Parades on City streets
  • Concerts at Governor’s Square
  • Car shows in City parks or in City-owned lots
  • Youth activity program at one of Middletown’s parks
  • Soccer team try-outs at one of Middletown’s parks
  • Organized sporting tournaments at one of Middletown’s parks

The permit and instructions can be found at: http://www.cityofmiddletown.org/docs/commsvc/specialeventapp.pdf.

We encourage citizens to host events and welcome your event at our parks! If you choose to host an event at one of the City’s parks and need a special events permit, there are ways in which you can expedite your process – this will save you a lot of headache!

  1. Please submit your application in a timely manner. We ask that you submit your application at least 21 days prior to your event. This allows the City to file your forms, and we have a heads-up that your event will be taking place so we don’t schedule another event at the same time and place as yours. This is also especially helpful if your event requires extra City services, such as road closures, extra picnic tables, mowing, etc.
  2. Please provide proper insurance information. You have to have liability insurance in order to host an event on City grounds.
  3. Please do not leave trash at your location after your event! We do not charge the public for hosting events on City grounds, so please provide the courtesy to your fellow Middletonians by keeping your area clean.

Once your application is submitted, it is entered into our calendar as “pending.” A copy of your application and any extra paperwork (road closure information, parade routes, etc.) are then sent to Police Administration, Health Administration, Building Inspection, Fire Administration, Engineering, Zoning, and Public Works for inspection and approval.

Once all parties have approved of the application, the Public Works Department then moves to ensure that all necessary paperwork has been received from the applicant and that there is a signature on the original submission. Then, they file the appropriate paperwork. Once these details are complete, an approval letter is drafted and taken to Police Administration for Chief Rodney Muterspaw’s signature. The letter will then be sent to the event organizer.

Finally, the event is changed from “pending” to “approved” on our calendar. It will also be added to the City of Middletown’s online Community Calendar at this stage to allow the public to know about your event as well.

We feel it is also important to note the different events that you might want to host that do not require a special events permit – why go through all of the paperwork if you don’t need to?  These activities do NOT require a special events permit:

  • Any event or activity that is hosted on private property or on school property. The school district should be contacted for activities on school property.
  • Any family, church, or company picnic at one of Middletown’s parks*
  • Any wedding at one of Middletown’s parks or City Building plaza*
  • Youth athletic team practice at one of Middletown’s parks, held on an intermittent basis

*Depending on the size and scope of these events, we may require an insurance certificate.

We look forward to hearing about your event!  If you have any questions about this process,  we stand ready to assist you.  Please contact the Public Works Department at (513) 425-1860.

Have a great day!

3 thoughts on “Special Events Permit Process

  1. My wedding ceremony was on the City Plaza last summer. It was small enough not to need insurance but I had event insurance any way. The city staff were wonderful in helping me make sure there were no sprinklers or mowing going on during my ceremony even though I didn’t need a special events permit. It was wonderful- and free. I would love to see more people take advantage of the city’s offerings that way.


  2. I was visiting my family because I grew up in Middletown. I traveled from out of state. My son and I walked around my home neighborhood and felt we were going to be assaulted at any time. Everytime I visit, it gets a little more depressing. Middletown isn’t thriving, it’s dying. Before long, Middletown is just going to be a sign, a stoplight, an intersection and a sign that says thank you for visiting Middletown. This town is nothing like what it was when I was growing up. If it weren’t for my family being here, I wouldn’t drive through this town. Good Job. Keep it up.


    • Believe it or not, differing viewpoints help us get better. Things are better than they were during the recession. We still have tons of work to do to bring the city fully back to functioning, attractive, and desirable. It’s a marathon not a sprint and we continue each day to work on reducing crime, adding business and retail locations, etc., to make the city a better place. I appreciate your comments because it keeps reminding us that so much of the work remains. When people like you who visit us occasionally start seeing a difference, we’ll know that we’ve made progress. Thanks for taking the time to comment.


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