New Business Updates (2)

People have been writing me regularly to add to the new businesses I wrote about earlier this week.  So… here are more new businesses and other business-related items coming to town!   If you know of others, let me know and we’ll add them to the list!

Inst I Glass, 1955 Central Avenue ;


Taku Japanese Steak House (Opening this spring on St. Route 122)

Taku Steak House

New Mall Sign Being Installed at Towne Mall

IMG_0538 (002)

I-75 Exit Gas Station

This project should start construction within the next few weeks, when the empty lot becomes the rendering below.

Atrium Clock Tower

Situated on the corner of Union Road and SR 122, this clock tower, when complete, will add to the intersection and have digital content.


Digital Billboard

Atrium Medical Center and the City of Middletown are partnering to change out the old Cronin Motors billboard to a state of the art digital bill board.  When completed, the city will have opportunities to utilize the bill board to promote city-wide events of interest to the region along I-75.

Let me know if I’ve missed anything else.  Have a great day!



2 thoughts on “New Business Updates (2)

  1. what can you tell us about the new construction going on, on the south side of St Rt 122 near Union Road, across from the new BP gas station?


    • Very little right now actually. The property was bought by an LLC out of Dayton. The demolition permit doesn’t share any info on the owner or future purpose. At some point, if they are going to utilize the property after demolition, they are going to have to submit plans for building and zoning approval, but right now, they are keeping the use to themselves.


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