2015 Interesting Year End Facts


I’ve received the 2015 year end activity reports from the various city departments and had a few minutes to go over them.  It’s always interesting to me the variety and quantity of work being done by my great staff, and I think it’s important to share that information with the public.

I’m passing the electronic versions of the reports on to Information Systems, and we’ll try to have them up and posted to the City web page in the next few days…

Here’s some facts I thought were interesting….

  • Income Tax revenue was at the highest level since 2007.  Granted, that puts us all the way back to 8 years ago, but it’s a marked improvement from the recession.
  • Building Inspection processed 362 permits totaling $2.7 million in new construction and performed 1,001 inspections during the Fourth Quarter of 2015.
  • During the Fourth Quarter of 2015, the Department of Health processed 1,842 health permits and/or requests for vital statistics .   69 Children were screened for lead.  There were 12 reported deaths due to drug overdoses.  There were 206 new reported cases of Hepatitis C (many associated with needle drug use).
  • The Law Department reviewed 221 contracts for the year, drafted 135 pieces of legislation for City Council meetings, and the Prosecutors had 11,365 pending cases on the docket at the end of 2015.
  • For 2015 in Code Enforcement, city staff completed 139 Zoning Inspections.  They completed 687 Commercial Code Enforcement Inspections, resolving 393 of them by year end.  They completed 1,634 Residential Code Enforcement Inspections, resolving 1,274 by year end.  They completed 4,112 Nuisance Inspections, resolving 3,763 of them by year end.
  • We continue to monitor the Division of Fire closely to understand both overall responses and the heavy EMS use associated with drug addiction.
    • EMS calls for service were slightly higher for 2015 with 8,633 EMS calls for service vs. 8,484 for 2014.
    • In past years, we often dispatched a fire truck on certain EMS runs.  When those calls are backed out to compare similar runs, the overall calls for Fire Service is almost unchanged between 2014 and 2015.
    • Finally, mutual cooperation throughout the region is an ongoing, evolving process.  In 2015, we saw that we not only asked for more assistance than we did in 2014, but also that we were asked to assist other communities more during the same period.  Short answer… we’re all helping each other more.
  • In Police for 2015:
    • Overall calls for service dropped from 41,877 in 2014 to 36,881 in 2015.
    • Total Part 1 Crimes dropped from 4,090 in 2014 to 3,375 in 2015.
    • Arrests dropped from 6,481 in 2014 to 5,861 in 2015.
    • Theft related crimes dropped from 3,861 calls in 2014 to 3,210 in 2015.
  • For the year in Public Works, staff completed:
    • 136 Tree removals
    • Spent 2,047 manhours setting up and tearing down for public events.
    • Cleaned 15,040 linear feet of sewers
    • Completed 4,155 lane miles of street sweeping
    • Used 805 tons of asphalt for pothole repairs
    • Replaced or repaired 280 street signs
    • Spent 2,871 manhours and 3,300 tons of salt removing snow during the year.
    • Treated 6,553 million gallons of wastewater
    • Repaired 91 water mains
    • Produced 2,972 million gallons of potable water

All in all, a lot of work done by a lot of people to keep your city functioning and safe.  I’m proud of my staff and the hard work they do every day.

Have a great week!

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