Scott Bruggeman

I usually use my blog to talk about interesting topics or to explain what the city is doing on some issue.   Today, I just want to take a minute to say Thank You to Scott Bruggeman.

We laid one of our own to rest today.  A Marine veteran.  A long time Middletown Fireman.  His service to our country and our city was exemplary and he died at a young 45 years of age.  I’d ask each of you to take a minute to offer a prayer to the Bruggeman family and to offer thanks for a firefighter who risked his life to help others for almost 20 years.

Our first responders are there 24/7 to keep you safe and to respond with all of their skill on your worst day.  I have never met such a dedicated group of professionals as we have with our Police and Fire Divisions.  They are simply the best.

I hope that as a city, we did our part to express our thanks for Scott’s service to our country and to our city, and to show him the dignity and respect he earned every day.

Rest in Peace Scott Bruggeman.


4 thoughts on “Scott Bruggeman

  1. What a nice gesture. Scott was truly remarkable. An incredibly caring & giving person, from an amazing, very service-oriented family. May God comfort & keep the Bruggeman family through this loss.♡


  2. You’ve written a really nice commentary, Doug. I was one of the many cars that pulled over and stopped on Central Avenue as Scott’s funeral procession turned from Breiel Boulevard, past Fire Station 85, and onto Central Avenue (and I assume) headed down to Holy Trinity Church. To see the Firemen out saluting the fire truck draped in black and purple bunting, carrying Scott to his final resting place, was truly both heartrending and incredibly beautiful at the same time. I’m so honored that I just happened to be in the right place at the right time yesterday to witness this incredible show of love and support not only from Scott’s former ‘Fireman Brothers’, but also by the citizens of Middletown.


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