First Baptist Church on Main Street


Just an interesting bit of Middletown history for your Friday.

As we struggled with vacant buildings through the recession, we were approached by a company that deconstructs historical buildings and then sends them to new locations to be reassembled.

The First Baptist Church on Main Street had received fire damage and the church property had forfeited to the State of Ohio for nonpayment of property taxes.  There was no one to maintain the building and no one interested in purchasing the building from the State of Ohio.

ResErections, Inc., contacted me as Community Revitalization Director and offered to remove the Church at their cost so that they could sell the pieces to a customer in Texas to be reassembled into a new business.

As no one had stepped forward for years with an interest in taking control of the church, we partnered with ResErections, Inc.  to get the burned church off of Main Street without spending extensive city tax dollars for the demolition.  This also allowed a re-use of the church in a new life in Texas.

To see more about the deconstruction of the church, visit ResErections, Inc’s web page at:

After deconstruction, the Church was transported to Bee Cave, Texas with the intention of reassembling the church as part of Revival Square.  The new owner of the church is in the process of zoning, permitting and selection of a builder to reassemble the church.  The new owner has a Facebook page which chronicles their efforts

If time and expense make it possible, I’d love to go down and see the finished product when the church is repurposed and reassembled in it’s new form.

Have a great weekend!


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