Welcome and Thank You to City Council

Good morning!

The election has come and gone and the face of City Council is changing.  I’d like to start by saying Thank You to Vice Mayor Joe Mulligan and Councilwoman Anita Scott Jones for making my first year as City Manager a true pleasure.  Working with each of you has made my transition easier and your cooperation and viewpoints helped me forge ahead with smart answers to tough questions.  You will both be missed next year and I wish you each the best in your future endeavors.

Second, I’d like to congratulate Mayor Larry Mulligan on his willingness to continue to serve as Mayor of Middletown.  His leadership continues to make interaction between Council and staff smooth and productive and we are lucky to have four more years of his service for the residents and businesses of Middletown.

Finally, I’d like to congratulate and welcome new Council members Steve Bohannon and Tal Moon.  It’s great to add two successful local businessmen to our City Council and I look forward to adding their viewpoints to our plan to expand revenues through development and to repair our older infrastructure.  Having two new business voices on how to become more “business friendly” can only make us stronger and smarter as we move forward.  I look forward to working with each of you.

Your City staff works every day to make Middletown a better place to live, work and play.  As residents and business owners, I hope that each of you sees that hard work starting to show results more and more as we move into 2016.

Have a great week.

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