Third Quarter Reports

Hello Everyone…

We will be publishing on the city web page ( the third quarter city reports for the period of July, August and September.    They should be up and available by the end of the week.

Some interesting city facts…

The Health Department issued 2,037 certified copies of Birth/Death Certificates during the quarter.

The Building Inspection Department issued 379 permits and conducted 910 inspections during the third quarter.

The Division of Fire responded to 2,231 EMS calls for service in the third quarter.  During the same period last year, MFD responded to 2,162 calls for EMS service.

Part 1 Crimes (serous crime) continue to decline in the city with MPD responding to 2,547 Part 1 Crimes year to date this year vs. 3,128 Part 1 crimes year to date in 2014.

15,048 linear feet of sewer mains have been cleaned year to date.

3,295 miles of street cleaning have been completed year to date.

125 dead trees have been removed from city property year to date.

5,063 million gallons of wastewater have been treated year to date.

2,723 million gallons of potable water have been produced year to date.

232 street signs have been repaired or replaced year to date.

Have a great day!

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