Heroin Summit updates

The City and Atrium Medical Center hosted their sixth heroin summit on Monday October 5th.  We now have a Phase 1 plan for the City to start working on heroin addiction in Middletown.  I’d like to thank all of the community partners who have worked on this project.  It is truly a community-wide collaboration with City staff, public safety forces, the school district, Atrium Medical Center, treatment providers, social service agencies, civic groups, the religious community and various other groups and interested citizens all working together.

Final edits are being made on the plan and then I will be publishing it for the community to see and also to start the process of developing funding options for various portions of the program.  We will continue our work to develop additional treatment and post-recovery resources to further deal with this epidemic.

Although crime in Middletown is down, the number of heroin related deaths is higher than last year.  We are losing citizens on a regular basis to addiction and overdose deaths.  In 2014, overdose deaths surpassed death by natural causes as the leading cause of death in Butler County.  This problem isn’t going away by itself.  We’re all going to have to face it together, like it or not.

I’ll have more detailed information in the next week or so. Comments on the final plan are welcome.  More voices usually provide additional clarity and options.

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