October 10th in Middletown !

Mark your calendars now….

October 10th is going to be a busy Middletown day.  The day starts with the Middletown Color Vibe 5K Run through the downtown area.   This popular event has caught on all over the country and the Middletown Young Professionals group was instrumental in bringing the event to Middletown.  I owe them a great big thanks for all of their work this summer on the Movies in the Park, the Latino festival, and the Color Vibe run.  Whoever said young people in this town don’t contribute never met this bunch.

For more info on the Color Vibe Run, see:


That’s just the beginning of the day’s events however.  The Monster Bash with Broad Street Bash takes center stage at Governor’s Square that evening downtown.  For more info on Broad Street Bash, see:


Finally, Gabe’s will be opening at the Mall on October 10th.

It should be a great Middletown day.  Plan to be a part of all of these events!!!

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